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    The leading technology company YADRO is investing in notAnotherOne

  • May 18, 2020

    The leading Russian developer and manufacturer of computer systems, data processing and storage platforms YADRO (part of IKS Holding) has become a shareholder in notAnotherOne, a developer and manufacturer of innovative consumer and professional electronics products. YADRO has acquired a 51% stake in the company, however, notAnotherOne will retain its operational independence.

    "The strategic partnership with YADRO will enable us to significantly increase the speed of developing and launching innovative products. These products will improve the quality of life of end-users by providing access to modern technologies enabling high-speed data transfer, remote device management, as well as new ways of interacting with each other and information. We plan to expand the list of industries where our product solutions will be applied to and develop product lines for the B2B segment," — said Vera Kozyr, CEO of notAnotherOne.

    "Our investment in notAnotherOne is an extremely important step in realizing our strategy to enter new markets and expand YADRO's product portfolio. In the world of rapid digital transformation, smart devices are beginning to play a more significant role, including as an integral part of complex information systems. It is vital for YADRO to be capable of designing and manufacturing all elements of the end-to-end technology chain: from infrastructure products to personal computing devices. Our expertise and achievements in creating commercially successful products, as well as our assets in the field of designing semiconductor products, open vast opportunities for multidimensional synergy in expertise between YADRO and notAnotherOne in designing optimized solutions for AI, IoT, and 5G networks," said Artem Ikoev, CTO of YADRO.


    About YADRO

    Leading Russian technology company, developer and manufacturer of computing systems, data processing, and storage platforms. YADRO's product portfolio includes high-performance VESNIN servers, VEGMAN computer servers, and the TATLIN storage systems. R&D centers are located in Moscow and Saint Petersburg, and its own production site is located in the Moscow region.

    About notAnotherOne

    notAnotherOne is a full-cycle product design house and one of the leading companies in Russia focused on design, development and manufacturing consumer electronics devices. It specializes in industrial design, technology research, hardware design, and cloud solution integration. In the last 5 years, notAnotherOne has developed and manufactured more than 20 smart products such as various smartwatches and activity trackers, smart home devices, as well as products for video surveillance and telemetry projects. notAnotherOne has worked on industrial design for various devices produced by the leading international and Russian companies, including MegaFon and Yandex.