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  • SberBox Time: notAnotherOne has taken part in the design development of a new smart device from SberDevices

  • SberDevices launched SberBox Time, a smart multimedia speaker with a built-in family of virtual assistants Salute. Combining the functionality of a smart speaker, TV streaming device and musical clock, the device has expanded the portfolio of smart devices from Sber.

    notAnotherOne’s team participated in developing the industrial design and mechanical design of SberBox Time along with SberDevices.

    SberBox Time is a 3-in-1 multimedia hub functioning as a smart speaker, a TV media center and a stylish mechanical clock. With the speaker, you can listen to music, radio, podcasts, fairy tales, and other audio content. Connecting to a TV or monitor through an HDMI cable, SberBox Time turns any screen into a full-scale multimedia center, opening access to thousands of movies, TV channels, videos on YouTube or other websites, and also allows you to play popular games through the SberPlay cloud gaming service. You can also order groceries and food on the big screen by just saying: “Salute, I want sushi rolls". The device also functions as a voice control center for smart homes and a musical alarm clock.

    SberBox Time employs a multimodal control model – the user can interact with the device by voice, through the remote control, or its virtual analog in the Salute mobile application.

    Developers solved the challenge of combining two different concepts – "Time" and "Technology", as well as physically implementing the visual brand identity of the bank. The 12-centimeter round clock face with hands and a green LED indicator is reminiscent of the Sber logo. Unique lines of the housing, curves of the backside panel, and materials embody the design language of other SberDevice products – SberBox Top and SberPortal.

    On an engineering level, designers and constructors combined the functionality of three devices – a smart speaker, TV streamer, and clock – while securing the purity of sound and the complex implementation of a mechanical clock within a single design.

    The device’s audio system consists of two full-range speakers and a passive radiator. The absence of visible functional elements outlines the unique shape of the housing.

    The device is available in black and white with the addition of new colors in the future.

    To be notified about the launch of sales please go to the website