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  • notAnotherOne has participated in creating the industrial design of Sber’s first smart speaker – SberPortal

  • On September 24, 2020, Konstantin Kruglov, the General Director of SberDevices, presented SberPortal, the multifunctional smart display with a voice assistant Salut. The device is equipped with a wide-angle AI-enabled 4K camera and Harman Kardon premium sound system, and adopts voice, touch and gesture recognition technology. SberPortal is the first smart display device on the Russian market and one of the very first devices in the future ecosystem of Sber's products.

    SberDevices, the developer of SberPortal, invited notAnotherOne to work on its industrial design, and we would like to share more details on the design language of this product.

    One of the most difficult tasks set for notAnotherOne by the SberDevices team was to create a visually nonintrusive device and minimize the influence of external functional elements on its design. The device was meant to dissolve into the interior without invading the user's personal space, while also clearly visualizing the power and quality of the audio system.

    notAnotherOne’s specialists incorporated simple geometric forms in the device’s design concept - a sphere and straight lines – which produces the effect of the display appearing to float in the air when viewed from the front:

    and unveils the balanced hidden power of the sound system from the back.

    The materials and finishes of the design elements got special attention from the design team. The Kevlar-coated subwoofer of the Harman / Kardon speaker system reflects the classiness of the device and highlights its outstanding acoustic experience.

    A metal reflector under the main multi-frequency speaker diffuses the sound through 360 degrees and delivers a richer experience.

    Thin display bezels and a wide-angle camera positioned above the display enhance the feeling of visual weightlessness on the front.

    To ensure the complete privacy of the user, a magnetic cover slides over the camera.

    To fulfill the seamless execution of the spherical acoustic speaker, the developers performed 5 technological processes and the highest output quality control.

    Inspired by the automotive design, the configuration of the lower subwoofer optimizes the airflow from the main speaker. Its laconic aggression speaks of the power of the sound stream enclosed in such a compact form factor.

    SberPortal will be available in two colors: black and white.

    According to Igor Mikhnenko, the chief design officer and co-founder of notAnotherOne, SberPortal has opened a new era in the Russian consumer electronics market:

    “Smart displays occupy a very special market niche due to rich visual communication with the user, unlike regular smart speakers. SberDevices became the first Russian company to create a high-end smart display from scratch that has a wide functionality both in terms of sound capabilities and possible user scenarios: it’s a new instrument for the video communication and an information assistant with a visual platform for broadcasting audio and video media content.
    We do appreciate the opportunity to take part in such ground-breaking and innovative projects and are grateful to SberDevices for their trust”.

    Konstantin Kruglov, CEO, SberDevices:

    “The SberPortal is a device unique not only for the Russian, but also for the global market. I think that no other smart display probably has that many innovations and new features at the same time. We’ve managed to add modern features to the device, as well as make them work together in convenient user scenarios. No element has ended up here by accident, every detail serves a purpose in multiple scenarios.”