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  • notAnotherOne at Conversations'19 SPb

  • On June 27 notAnotherOne took part in the annual conference devoted to conversational AI – Conversations in St. Petersburg. We presented two reports on smart devices.  

    Our CEO and co-founder Vera Kozyr gave a speech about how smart devices with voice assistants are made from scratch: from the concept to the shelf in the store.

    Arthur Shimko, the director of the Linza project, a smart dash camera with voice assistance and cloud storage, talked about how smart technology helps to reduce the cost of car maintenance and improves safety on the road.

    The conference wrapped up, but the fascinating reports, cool acquaintances and pleasant memories will last. Here are some photos from the conference:

    Vera Kozyr, CEO and co-founder of notAnotherOne
    Arthur Shimko, Linza Project Director